hf1 surg bipolar

hf1 surg

radio frequency devices for dental soft tissue treatment

hf1 Surg bipolar

universal-RF surgery unit

• preset programs for all applications

• additional individual programming

• outlet for bipolar forceps

• highest possible functionality and hygiene

• touch screen for easy use and program selection

Two independent working hand pieces (color coded) with replaceable electrodes: cut and cut/coagulate (yellow), coagulate (blue) and additional bipolar coagulation.

For all applications: pure cut, cut with coagulation to stop bleeding. coagulate,

pulsed coagulation for gentle welding of tissue

Automatic voltage regulation

Bipolar forceps optional.

Technical Data:

2,2 MHz, max. 50 W

mains 230 V/50 Hz

Mono- and bipolar - permanent/pulsed

dimensions  21,5 x 11,7 x 25 cm, weight 2,65 kg

hf Surg

compact RF surgery unit

• for scalpel like, pressure free cuts - perfoms cutting as well as cutting with coagulation

• quick and painfree wound heling

• highest possible functionality and hygiene

• easy control with analog power controller and switch of wave form

• automatic control of power characteristic, power is stopped in contact with metal

• hand piece and electrodes are autoclavable at 134 °C

2,2 MHz, max. 50 W

mains 230 V / 50 Hz

dimensions 19 x 9 x 18 cm, weight app. 1,6 kg


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