combination of laser and radio frequency for applications in

dental soft tissue

LaserHF dental "comfort"

worldwide unique combination device with laser and radio frequency technology

• i-cube design with touch screen

• preset programs for all applications

• additional individual programs

• highest possible functionality and hygiene

• touch screen for easy use nad program selection


• desinfection and cleaning of gingival pockets (periodontitis)

• desinfection after endodontical processing of the root canal

• removal of soft tissue, i.e. implant recovery, periimplantitis

• wound healing, pain relief and desensibilisation with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

• PDT-laser (PhotoDynamic Therapy)

Optional: accelerated bleaching using laser radiation


Two independent working hand pieces (color coded) with replaceable electrodes: cut and cut/coagulate (yellow), coagulate (blue) and additional bipolar coagulation.

For all applications: pure cut, cut with coagulation to stop bleeding. coagulate,

pulsed coagulation for gentle welding of tissue

Automatic voltage regulation

Bipolar forceps optional.

Technical Data

RF 2,2 MHz / 50 W - monopolar / bipolar

RF-power max. 50 W

RF-frequency 2,2 MHz

Laser PDT: 660 nm / 100 mW

Laser 975 nm / 8 W – cw / pulsed

dimensions (B x H x T): 30 x 13 x 25 cm

weight ca. 3,5 kg

mains 230 V / 50 Hzc



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